Welcome to the School of Business and Creative Industries Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program. The School’s WIL Program is for undergraduate students. Most undergraduate students in their final year (third year if undertaking Honours) of their degree are required to enrol into the WIL Program.

Once you have logged into Sonia Online, your School homepage will become active. From here you can access information relating to your Industry Internship including:

  • your placement details;
  • forms and information for mandatory requirements;
  • reminders and important dates;
  • electronic forms;
  • facility information;
  • uploading and viewing documentation.

On this page:

To assist you to gain an understanding of the WIL Program, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions accessible on the righthand menu of this page once you are logged in. Should you have a question that has not been answered in these FAQs, please contact SBCIWil@usc.edu.au. For technical assistance throughout any stage of the placement process please contact TechOpsWil@usc.edu.au

How to Apply for a Business or Creative Industries Placement or Project

All students wishing to undertake a BCI Placement are required to submit:
- BCI301 Student Expression of Interest Application (for Business students)
or a
- BCI303 Student Expression of Interest Application (for Creative Industries students)

These Expression of Interest forms are self-selectable and available under the Forms tab once you log into Sonia Online. Please ensure you review the relevant Course Outlines before making your selection as all courses are different. Course Outlines and general course information are available on these University webpages: BCI301  and BCI303.

Use these forms to register your interest in enrolling BCI placements for upcoming semesters. Refer to the guidelines on electronic forms in the right-hand menu column for assistance. Once you have submitted this form your Placement Officer will provide you access to the Sonia Online Business and Creative Industries page where you will be able to view placement and project opportunities available to your group.

BCI Placement course entry requires Course Coordinator consent. You will not be able to enrol in BCI301 or BCI303 until your form has been completed and approved and the Placement Office will organise your enrolment directly with Student Central.

For BCI300 and BCI302 project courses, please enrol in your preferred semester. You do not require Course Coordinator consent or an Expression of Interest form for project courses. More information on projects will become available for you in your canvas BCI Project modules.

Mandatory Checks

You need to ensure that you have completed the following mandatory requirements prior to the commencement of your Placement. If you have experienced extreme circumstances resulting in a delay to submit any requirements, it is essential you advise the Fit For Placement Office as soon as possible by emailing FFPO@usc.edu.au.

You can view the status of your mandatory checks in Sonia Online > Checks.  Sonia Online is your placement information source.

Click on the appropriate buttons below to be directed to information relating to each specific check.



PrePlace is a series of three online modules located on Canvas that you must complete once, prior to your placement. Enrolment to PrePlace is an automated process, so is directly related to your course enrolment. If you are not yet officially enrolled in a placement course, the auto process cannot be triggered. Once you enrol in your placement course the process will happen overnight and PrePlace will then be available to you.


Depending on the requirements of your host site, other site-specific mandatory checks may apply. These will be communicated to you throughout the pre-placement process. Other checks may include National Police Checks, Blue Cards, vaccination requirements and others.

Contact the Placement Office

Caitlin Finger
Work Integrated Learning Placement Officer
Phone:  07 5456 3565
Email: TechOpsWil@usc.edu.au

Jodie Winning
Work Integrated Learning Placement Officer
Phone:  07 5456 3738
Email: TechOpsWil@usc.edu.au

Dr Lynlea Small
SBCI Academic WIL Coordinator
Email: SBCIWil@usc.edu.au

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory documents are current and that the originals are available for sighting on request from UniSC or Placement Staff.

You may still need to check Canvas for additional information, and some facility information may be provided via additional emails. If you believe any of the content is incorrect please contact the placement coordinator.


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