This is where a record of all the women that you have recruited as part of the Connect Program is located and important information regarding the Connect Program communicated.

It is your responsibility to regularly log on here as there may be changes to either the Connect guidelines, venue specific notes or other information that you need to be aware of.

There are two tabs which you will access within this site.

  1. Placements
    • A facility information document is available under the Documents tab. (not yet available) You must read this.
    • A copy of the Connect Guidelines (PDF 206 KB) is available within Canvas placement courses and is also available here .
    • Please note: it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand the venue specific notes and Connect guidelines.
  2. Checks
    • You are required to upload a Consent Form and Log of Hours for each woman in the Checks tab, available once you have logged into Sonia Online.

NB: Please advise the Connect Program Coordinator ASAP of any women who withdraw from the Connect Program.

Connect Program Coordinator

Anna Robins
Phone: 07 5456 5106

Contact the Placement Office

Caitlin Finger
Placement Officer
Phone: 07 5456 3565

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory documents are current and that the originals are available for sighting on request from UniSC or Placement Staff.

You may still need to check Canvas for additional information, and some facility information may be provided via additional emails. If you believe any of the content is incorrect please contact the placement coordinator.

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