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This is the Placement system used by the Prosthetics & Orthotics Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Once you have logged into Sonia Online, your School homepage will become active. From here you can access information relating to your Placement including:

  • your placement details;
  • Forms and information for Mandatory Requirements;
  • Reminders and important dates;
  • Electronic forms;
  • Facility information;
  • Selecting placement group preferences;
  • Uploading and viewing documentation.

Mandatory checks

You need to ensure that you have completed the following mandatory checks prior to the commencement of your placement.

USC has a responsibility to ensure all students comply with the mandatory checks (requirements) of placement sites. It is essential that each student maintains their own personal process to manage paper and electronic documents associated with these checks. Many placement sites will ask to see hardcopy evidence of all checks on the first day of placement, so it is the responsibility of each student to be able to provide these on request.

Click on the appropriate buttons below to be directed to information relating to that specific check.

All students

Blue Card (PDF 223KB)

Apply for a new card or link your existing card to USC

Vaccination Preventable Diseases (VPD) (PDF 443KB)

Can take up to 12 months to complete full vaccination courses

First aid and CPR Certificate (PDF 231KB)

Must be maintained and current at all times

USC student placement agreement (PDF 357KB)

Available 1–2 prior to placement commencing (per placement check)

National Police Certificate (PDF 463KB)

Takes 3–6 weeks for processing NB only Australian Federal Police certificate accepted

Preplace (PDF 363KB)

Online modules to be completed only once, not per placement

Additional checks for: HLT321 and HLT325

Queensland Health orientation (PDF 625KB)

To be eligible for a Qld Health placement you must complete all these Qld Health checks and training

SCHHS site specific requirements (PDF 668KB)

Students attending a Sunshine Coast hospital and health service facility will need to complete these site specific requirements

USC TB Risk Assessment (PDF 168KB)

You must complete this requirement to be eligible for placement

PLEASE NOTE: You will be granted full access to SONIA Online, once you have been enrolled into your program.

If you require further information or assistance with submitting any of these mandatory checks please contact the Fit For Placement Office on the details below:

Fit For Placement Office
Building H1.G
Tel: +61 7 5456 5487
Email: FFPO@usc.edu.au  
Alternatively, if you have experienced extreme circumstances resulting in a delay to submit any of these mandatory checks by the due dates, please contact your Placement Officer on the details below:

Aileen Spalding
Clinical Placements Office
Building H1.G.59
Tel: +61 7 5456 5823
Email: SHSSPlacements@usc.edu.au



Please visit the Events page to view all current events.


Please note

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory documents are current and that the originals are available for sighting on request from USC or Placement Staff.

This database is a ‘work in progress’ – you may still need to check Blackboard for additional information, and some facility information may be provided via additional emails. If you believe any of the content is incorrect please contact the placement coordinator.

Mandatory checks

View your mandatory placement requirements.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory requirements are fulfilled before attending placement.

Mandatory checks

Login to Sonia Online

  • first select your role (i.e. Student / Site / USC Tutor)
  • next enter your ‘USC username’ and ‘password’ in the spaces provided
  • then click on the ‘sign in’ button

Sonia for Students App

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Sonia support

For more information or technical support:

Email: USCSoniaSupport@usc.edu.au